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Grenada Dining

Eclectic Island Tastes

Find an inspired mix of traditional Caribbean and West Indian fare at Mount Cinnamon, offering some of the best Grenada dining experiences around. From dishes made with local ingredients at Savvy’s to sips and snacks at the Beach Cabana, the perfect tropical flavors are all at your fingertips.

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Our Gardens

We harvest the freshest produce and ingredients directly from our private gardens on the property to craft our menus. Our curated cuisine offerings evolve with the seasons, thoughtfully customized to showcase the best flavors.

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About The Spice Island


Cinnamon is harvested from the inner bark of mature trees in Grenada. This bark is then dried to form the fragrant cinnamon quills used in culinary recipes and medicinal treatments. The delicacy is called Ceylon cinnamon, known to be milder than the more common Cassia cinnamon.

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About The Spice Island


Grenada is renowned for its high-quality cacao trees, and its artisanal chocolate production involves traditional techniques of harvesting, fermenting, and sun-drying cacao beans, resulting in the richest and most distinctive flavors.

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About The Spice Island


In Grenada, nutmeg trees yield their fruit year-round. When seeds are harvested, they produce a heavenly aroma that wafts throughout the island, creating a fragrant ambiance that's representative of the island's rich spice heritage.

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Our Restaurants
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Beach Cabana

Surrounded by beautiful tropical gardens and located directly on Grand Anse Beach, the Beach Cabana serves up BBQ dishes, salads, snacks, and drinks every day from 10 am until sundown.

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In our main clubhouse, bright, open-air breakfasts greet you each morning, while romantic, candlelit dinners await you in the evenings. At any time of the day, every table offers far-reaching views of the seaside.

Meet Our Chefs
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Head of Food & Beverage Operations

Steve Collymore

Steve Anthony Collymore brings over 20 years of experience to the culinary industry, including the last 15 years in kitchen management roles that span both overseas and local contexts. Steve demonstrates exemplary leadership qualities and professionalism, backed by a consistently verifiable record of achievement.

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Executive Chef

Jason Joseph

A dynamic culinary artist with over 18 years of expertise at renowned restaurants in the Caribbean, Executive Chef Jason Joseph has earned acclaim with the Chef of the Year title and Governor General Award of Excellence. He continues to craft culinary masterpieces celebrating the richness of flavors and the artistry of fine dining.